Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm still here

Sorry I've been a bit lax with posting this week. I've been pretty busy and I'm working on several things right now. I'll be back next week. Have a great weekend!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

May the force be with you

There is only one “force” that will dry your hair – AIR. We determine what temperature the air is that will dry our hair – the natural air in our environment or heated air.

Warm or hot air has been heated with the assistance of a hair dryer. There are 2 types of hair dryers: the hand held and the hood dryer (hard and soft); pics below. It is advisable to use a product designed to protect your hair from heat before using a hair dryer (or other heated hair appliance). PROS & CONS: less time, less shrinkage but potentially damaging.

Because heated air poses the risk of damage to our hair, many choose to let their hair dry naturally. This can be done while the hair is loose or you can twist, braid or band your hair for more elongation/stretching. PROS & CONS: more time, more shrinkage but a healthier option.

Others like to combine both methods of drying: air drying until the hair is mostly dry and then finishing with a hair dryer.

What factors do you consider when you need to dry your hair? Time? Shrinkage? Health?

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Have you crossed the line???

I’m talking about product lines. Now let me start by saying this post isn’t to hate on hair care companies that provide quality hair care systems for our hair type. But lots of companies want you to believe that you will achieve “optimal” results if you if stick to using their entire hair care system. I’m not trying to debunk myths or bust bubbles but I do wonder if others have had a successful hair journey crossing product lines in their hair regimen.

Let me be clear here, I’m not talking about always changing; going back and forth with a myriad of products (can we say PJ?). I mean, once you find your staple shampoo from company X, do you feel a need to use that company’s conditioner also? What’s your opinion? How important is it to you to stay within a particular company’s hair care line? Do you feel that products in the same hair care line are formulated to work better for your hair if used together?

In my quest for the basic staple products, it is my goal is to have 2 products in each category (pre-poo oil, cleansing product, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner and moisture sealant). I’m finding it less and less important to stick to one particular product line for my hair care needs. If I like the ingredients, price and results I get from a particular product that is all that matters to me. Again, there are great companies that offer wonderful product lines but my preferences seem to be all across the board so yes, I have crossed the line! :-)

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

*UPDATED* Black Owned Hair Care Companies (Part 2)

Last October I started an ongoing project to get listings for black owned hair care companies. The original listing had 40 companies (which I later added 1 more to). Now I’ve put up part two which includes an additional 19. . . *UPDATE* 21 companies. Please see the disclaimers below.

Once again, this is put together from information I discover and is only for the purpose of sharing that knowledge. As always, feel free to post your comments with corrections or additions.


I am not promoting any company for personal gain

To the best of my knowledge, the company’s owner/creator is of black or mixed race

Company offers a full line of hair care products; if I did not see the company offer cleansers, conditioners, moisturizers and styling products, they weren’t put on the list

I do not attest to know if all companies on this list have excellent customer service

Some companies on this list are not makers of “all natural products”; you need to research that for yourself

Common company lines that can easily be obtained at beauty supply stores or large retail (such as Walmart) were excluded from this list

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All combs are not created equal

I don’t use combs daily. I own two Jilbere shower combs (pictured) for detangling hair on wash day (while there is conditioner in the hair). I use rat tail combs only for parting. Now, recently it was brought to my attention that not all combs are created equal; seamless combs are a lot gentler on the hair than combs with seams. This is pretty much common sense but I had never though of scrutinizing my combs before. Now I’m contemplating investing in some quality seamless combs.

This article was very informative.

Also, these are two sites that appear to carry a variety of seamless combs.
Tenderheaded Accessories
Creative Products

So what are your thoughts? Is it worth it to invest in quality combs? Do you own any yourself (or are you thinking of getting some)? If so, where have you purchased them? What is your preference (particular brand name, certain material, etc)? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

On the hunt: SNBE Review

As a follow up on this post, I wanted to let you know my results on the 3 deep conditioners on my radar. Here’s the first one I tried:

Sweet Nature by Eddie Love Deep Conditioner
Size: range from 8 to 16 ounces (4oz bottles come with sample kits)
Cost: range from $8 to $15.50
(*updated prices* $9-$17.50)
: Purified Water, Raw Honey, Avocado Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol, PEG-40 Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Peppermint Oil
Product description/claims: Detangling will be a breeze with this rich and creamy conditioner. Love will leave your hair unbelievably soft and manageable. The tingling sensation of the peppermint oil will awaken your scalp and stimulate your follicles.

What I did: Pre-pooed with olive oil overnight. Since I purchased her sample kit I cleansed with the Inspiration Shampoo (which I diluted in a separate bottle). Then I applied the Love Deep Conditioner to my hair in sections and detangled. I put on a plastic cap and wrapped a towel on my head to let my body heat do the work. After an hour, I rinsed it out and continued with my styling routine.

My say: I really enjoyed this conditioner. You can’t judge this conditioner by its consistency (which is thin/runny). This conditioner is penetrating and provided a good slip for me while detangling. The peppermint gives it a nice scent and mildly tingles your scalp. My hair was soft and easy to manage after using this conditioner. I think this is a keeper. I have already placed my order for the 12 ounce size.

Stay tuned for my next review – Hairveda SitriNillah Masque

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!


Monday, January 11, 2010

Are you on the fence?

My advice/encouragement to current and future transitioners:

Everyone SHOULD learn to appreciate natural hair (whether they choose to wear it on their own head or not). Unfortunately, not everyone does. A person’s hair decisions are very personal and no one should try to force their own views on another. You may or may not receive support from your family and friends but realize that ultimately, you are the one who is caring for it. Be prepared to build up a resiliency to negative views.

Research, research, research! Get as much information as you can to be properly equipped for a healthy hair journey. There is a lot of cyber and print material you can reference to educate yourself on the proper ways in which natural hair can be maintained. If you know of someone who has knowledge in caring for their own (or others) natural hair, talk to them. Just know that, as with everything else, you will need to find out what works for YOUR hair. It doesn’t hurt to try someone else’s “hair miracle” product or technique but if it doesn’t work for you, move on to something else.

Try not to become a PJ (product junkie). This one is easier said than done :-). There is no shortage of product recommendations when it comes to the natural hair community. It’s easy to get caught up in all the hype. Some prefer “all natural” ingredients, others are “anti-cones”, some may love butters but hate oils and so on. Start to pay attention to the ingredients (not advertising claims) in your products and record how your hair reacts. You’ll begin to learn what your hair likes and what to stay away from.

Lastly, know that hair decisions are not permanent. At any time, should you decide that you want to change the state of your hair, it’s your choice to do that. There are many people who go back and forth with natural and relaxed hair. Even people who wear locs can successfully take them down without resorting the cutting them off.

If you have decided to transition from a hair texture that is chemically altered to 100% natural hair, you will run into some challenges. But at the end of the day, BE YOU, know why you have made the choice that you have and let that satisfy you. Good luck on your own hair journey!

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!


Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm a bag lady :-)

I ended up doing an experiment, unintentionally. In order to keep my hair moisturized, I’ve been misting it in the evening when I get home from work, sealing my ends and putting on a plastic cap. I leave the cap on for a couple hours and take it off before going to bed (I don’t want to have wet hair in the morning). This practice is referred to as the “baggie method”.

I have to say that I like the results so far. I notice a difference in how my hair feels. I will try to incorporate this practice into my hair regimen but I don’t know yet, if it will be something I do daily. With consistent usage, I would be concerned about “sour” smelling hair.

Do any of you practice the baggie method? If so, let me know how it has worked out for you.

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Killer nails!

WARNING: Ragged nails can KILL your hair!

You may think this statement is strange, but take heed. When you break a nail, what do you do – cut it, file it, repair it, put it off for later, or just ignore it? Did you ever think of the role your nails play in hair health?

We should always treat our hair with TLC. So when you’re getting ready to handle your hair, you don’t want to have your precious strands snagged, pulled and traumatized by your fingernails. Broken, split, and torn nails should be tended to before tackling your hair rituals.

Just a quick tip to consider. . .

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!


Friday, January 1, 2010

Past reflections & future goals

Happy New Year! So this month makes 1 year since my natural hair unveiling and I’m so happy that I made the decision to take this ride. This journey that I embarked on brought so many revelations. I had already done a good bit of research on natural hair care but I soon realized that I would spend the next 12 months continuing to discover new things! I’ve experienced set backs and frustrations but I will move forward knowing that I’ve learned valuable lessons that will make the journey in 2010 that much better!

I’m totally focused on HAIR HEALTH this year. For me, three areas are crucial to attaining my goals. Firstly, I must find my staple products and stick with them. While I do need to use up what was purchased in my PJ days, I can no longer accept incorporating so many different product lines into my routine from wash to wash. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with wanting to try/buy a new product. I’ve had fun experimenting with store-bought and homemade solutions (and I will continue to mix up my own potions) but my hair is overwhelmed with the constant product changes.

Another goal is wearing my hair protected the majority of the time. Buns, wigs and braids are just some of the styles I will wear to keep my ends protected. I did not retain the length I desired last year and I believe styling was one of the main culprits for that.

Lastly, I must make hydration a priority. Towards the last of the year, I’d gotten better with hydrating my hair every day or every other day but I’m still not where I need to be with hydrating the INSIDE. I know keeping a water bottle with me at all times will encourage me to stay on track.

Ok, now it’s your turn to dish! What are some of your 2009 hair reflections? Did you reach any of your goals? What do you plan and look forward to in 2010?

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!


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