Friday, January 22, 2010

Have you crossed the line???

I’m talking about product lines. Now let me start by saying this post isn’t to hate on hair care companies that provide quality hair care systems for our hair type. But lots of companies want you to believe that you will achieve “optimal” results if you if stick to using their entire hair care system. I’m not trying to debunk myths or bust bubbles but I do wonder if others have had a successful hair journey crossing product lines in their hair regimen.

Let me be clear here, I’m not talking about always changing; going back and forth with a myriad of products (can we say PJ?). I mean, once you find your staple shampoo from company X, do you feel a need to use that company’s conditioner also? What’s your opinion? How important is it to you to stay within a particular company’s hair care line? Do you feel that products in the same hair care line are formulated to work better for your hair if used together?

In my quest for the basic staple products, it is my goal is to have 2 products in each category (pre-poo oil, cleansing product, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner and moisture sealant). I’m finding it less and less important to stick to one particular product line for my hair care needs. If I like the ingredients, price and results I get from a particular product that is all that matters to me. Again, there are great companies that offer wonderful product lines but my preferences seem to be all across the board so yes, I have crossed the line! :-)

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!



Chai said...

I'm an equal opportunist, and enjoy crossing the line;-). Don't really see anything wrong with it, never have. I do know a few ladies in the industry with their own line of products who routinely try out others shampoos, conditioners etc. For some it's about variety, others it might just be that they've found a routine that's worked for them, and it just so happens...not all the products are from the same line. Do what works best for you, your hair AND your wallet, & I think you'll always come out the winnter;-)

Kinky Rhonnie said...

The only line that I use more than one product out of consistently is Qhemet Biolgics. But, I don't, or for that matter like their entire line. Every thing else is definitely across the line. lol

ChocolateOrchid said...

I always cross the line. Using everything from the same line has never worked for me.

Nu Kynk said...

Using an entire hair care line doesn't guarantee 'optimal' results. I tried a few companies' product lines and this idea just isn't true concerning my hair. I do believe though that it is good to use a shampoo and conditioner from the same product line and yes a simple routine is best!

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