Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Eco-Friendly" Giveaway

Curls was one of the first company’s that I learned about when I made the decision to go natural. I have had so many positive experiences with Curls. This week’s giveaway was inspired by a fellow blogger; where I learned that Curls started “The 4 Step Sustainable CURLS™ Campaign”. The campaign is geared toward making the environment cleaner and greener. Therefore, I wanted to spread the word and base my giveaway with that concept.

*Disclaimer: all items haven been purchased with my own money. No company is sponsoring any giveaways*

Details for “Eco-Friendly” Giveaway

What’s up for grabs?
(1) 2oz Curl Euphoria Elixir (full size, discontinued product), (1) Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea (2oz sample size) and (2) Curls Milkshake (sample size).

How can I enter?
If you are a BNG subscriber/follower, click on the link below to read up on “The 4 Step Sustainable CURLS™ Campaign”. Then leave a comment below in this post on how you have reduced or plan to reduce your carbon footprint where haircare is concerned. It can be anything from walking to the salon instead of driving to recycling your product containers.

When does the giveaway end?
You have from now until Wednesday, July 21st at Midnight (EST) to enter the “Eco-Friendly” Giveaway. I will be using to select the winner. On Thursday, July 22nd I will announce the winner and post details for the next giveaway.

Think Green! :-)

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!



Alana said...

I can only by my staple products instead of buying new things that I am unsure if they will workout for my hair. This way I will only but what I need and I wont risk wasting products that might not work for me

Shaharazad said...

I always recycle the empty bottles when I am not using them to hold my homemade mixtures.

Tiffany said...

I'm so glad you sent a reminder, this is a great giveaway. I always always recycle my containers. I DIY butters, mists, soap when I can. I stretch product when I can (is that green or just cheap?). I buy products with the LEAST amount of chemicals. I buy multifunctional products, ie. castile soap, which can be used for darn near everythang. And what I do the most is share! share! share! and encourage others to do the same. Thanks for the great giveaways :)

Kingsmomma said...

I never purchase shower caps. I have been using platic grocery store bags for my DC's and baggying at night.

I swap products or giveaway products that don't necessarily work for me and insist that the person I give the product to does the same (if it doesn't work for them)

I reuse containers (this goes from tupperware from fast food places and hair products) I usually put my coconut oil or EVOO in an old pump style lotion bottle.

I use newspapers for curling my hair and recycle that newspaper when done.

I try to only buy products that can be used for more than one purpose on more than one head.

I opt to pick up products when the option is available and reasonable.

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