Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Buttered Up" Giveaway

With my blogiversary officially in June, I’m late with the festivities :-) Anyway, get ready for a month of giveaways; YAY! I will be doing a weekly giveaway during the month of July for subscribers of BNG!

*Disclaimer: all items haven been purchased with my own money. No company is sponsoring any giveaways*

Details for “Buttered Up” Giveaway

What’s up for grabs?
I would like to butter you up with (1) 8oz tub of unrefined shea butter (Butters-N-Bars) and (1) 14.5 oz bottle of Almond & Shea Butter conditioner (Suave Professionals).

How can I enter?
You gotta butter me up first :-) If you are a BNG subscriber/follower, leave a comment below in this post on which of my posts was the most helpful/memorable to you and why (please include the title).

When does the giveaway end?
You have from now until Wednesday, July 7th at Midnight (EST) to enter the “Buttered Up” Giveaway. I will be using to select the winner. On Thursday, July 8th I will announce the winner and post details for the next giveaway.

That’s all folks. Good luck!

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!



zainab1 said...

Ok , Ms Calllalily....honestly, this is a hard one to choose from. But, here it goes ( lol) I would have to say for myself it would be the Mixtress Central was there that helped me discover the great benefits and wonders of herb infused oil, ACV, etc. As if these great recipes wasn't enough you then provided your viewers with great info about what are now my favorite herbs ( there are many, lol) and there benefits , you then went on even further to enlighten us about the solar method, I hadn't even heard of this method ...who new !

This one of your many post in which was veeeerrryyy helpful for me ! and I was on my way ! infusing oils all over the place, lol. Now, it is one of my all time favorite things to do.

Take care.

Basic Woman said...

I absolutely love Mixtress Central. I am always trying to find new ways to combine natural ingredients for my hair and you have provided a ton of recipes. I love how you describe the benefits of the ingredients as well. I just ordered a variety of herbs and will be making many of your recipes over the next couple of weeks.

MizzNiecy said...

I just sign up on you site, but I must say that I'm looking forward to you helping and guiding me with all you knowledge. Thanks.

Shaharazad said...

I just recently started following your blog but what drew me to your blog was the Mixtress Central section, I have so many ingredients and the recipes were very helpful.
But the most helpful post for me was the Natural Hair and your well-being post. I definitely noticed a change in my habits after going natural. My choice in foods changed as well as my desire to go to the gym. Overall I felt happier.The discussion on this post was interesting in that I realized that other natural women were experiencing this same desire.

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