Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nappturosity 50% off - ends 9/30/10 midnight

Hello family: I just wanted to drop in quickly to alert you to a book deal. Anyone interested in purchasing the book Nappturosity should head over to the site ( It is going out of print and they are offing the last copies at 50% off. If you are like me and did not want to pay the $27 smackeroos for this natural hair book, jump on this quick. This offer ends on September 30, 2010 at midnight and there is a limited amount of books left. You must enter the coupon code "thankyou" upon checkout. Hope someone finds this helpful.

Next week I will be posting about the books I recently read from Lisa Akbari: "The Black Woman's Guide to Beautiful Hair" and "Every Woman's Guide to Beautiful Hair At Any Age". Both were available to my local library. Until next week Lovlies, take care!

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!



zainab1 said...

Cool thanks for sharing!

cant wait to hear your reviews:)

take care


Anonymous said...


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