Friday, September 10, 2010

Time waits for no one. . .

Days gone by . . . . weeks gone by. . . . a WHOLE MONTH and no word from CallaLily!!! Please forgive my long absence. I apologize for the huge gap since my last post; life has been. . . . life!

To be quite honest, I am weening away from the blogosphere; sad news! There are still some posts that I want to present to you but I will not be moving forward with my original focus for this blog. Look for a Lisa Akbari post in the coming days; I purchased some products and read some books by her.

I'm sorry if this comes as a dissapointment but right now I have to put my energy and focus on more than my hair and blog. Things have been going well with my hair and I hope to give you some periodic updates.

I've enjoyed this hobby and I'll still be lurking around reading and commenting on some of my favorite blogs. I just won't be researching and posting here on a regular basis. I wish all my readers the best on their hair journey!

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!



Anonymous said...

good luck to you!

Basic Woman said...

We'll miss you!

CallaLily said...

Thank you ladies {hugs}. I love blogging and will miss it but it can become a real time commitment!

ChocolateOrchid said...

Hey Lady! I totally understand and wish you the best with everything.

Your presence will certainly be missed. I do hope that we will remain in touch.

Jc said...

I will miss you loads! I still have your question on protein sensitivity/oil on my to do list. I am on a reduced posting schedule but I will definitely look into it. Don't be a stranger, I appreciate your contributions here and over at my blog.

Laquita said...

Hey - I will miss you too - I love getting your blog feed via email - gives me a wonderful place to escape during the week when I'm at work :o)

But I know what you mean, I never knew how you did it with all of the 95865822+ things going on in life you still were able to squeeze in wonderful, informative posts - I struggle to try to keep up but sitll only manage to get about 2 to 3 posts a month.

I am slowly learning to heed the words from a friend of mine who always says - you can't do everything - and especially not all at the same time :o)

I will look forward to your periodic updates though :o)

Anonymous said...

I Wish you nothing less than the absolute best!....It's been a true pleasure , reading , learning and best of all getting to know you:)

keep in touch...take care:)


CallaLily said...

All of you ladies are so kind and understanding - you always make me feel special! I loved getting to know everyone and will still be in touch.

And thanks for considering answering my questions Jc - I'm always on Natural Haven so whenever you get around to it I'll enjoy reading the response while sipping tea, lol :-)

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