Friday, December 4, 2009

My latest obsession

Scarves! Oh, why have I slept on these for so long? I am just putting my toe into the waters of this marvelous fashion accessory. Recently, I’ve spent countless hours on YouTube discovering the many ways you can sport scarves. From head adornments to tops, my nose is wide open to expanding my fashion choices with beautiful fabrics. All shapes (square to rectangle), all sizes (large to small), all colors (solids to prints) and all fabrics (cotton to silk), even winter scarves (got my eye on an Infinity scarf) – I will not discriminate, LOL. I now move past the mindset of the infamous cotton handkerchief worn to bed to exploring a whole new world of options. I’m ready to dive in but need to go shopping first – yay! I’ll be hitting up thrift stores and places like Walmart, Target, TJ Maxx and Marshalls for starters. What ways to you wear scarves? Where do you buy them?

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!



ChocolateOrchid said...

I'm a fan of scarves too. I've purchased mine from Target.

How to Wear? Here are a couple of links that may help you.

Hope this helps!

CallaLily said...

This is great CO. Thanks so much for sharing! :-)

Beads, Braids, & Beyond! said...

I was looking at some of these the other day! Not sure if a kiddo can pull them off, lol, what do you think?

CallaLily said...

Ha, ha - I think kids can rock the smaller ones as a headband or tied around a ponytail :-)

pasqualetmccluskey said...
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