Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What is beautiful?

I understand that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and everyone has the right to their own opinion but I just needed to vent a little on this post. I have now been wearing my loose, natural hair for 11 months. My family has been totally supportive of my decision. However, last night some comments were made by my family that had me fuming! In summary, negative comments were voiced about women wearing locks. I have not considering locking my hair but I was offended by what was said.

Naturally, today I had to so some net surfing to find a hair gallery to go back and show to my family. Then, I remembered this blog. The creator of the blog also has a fantastic hair gallery here and I plan to head straight for the computer when I get home from work with my family following right behind me :-)

Hair choices are very personal and each individual has reasons on why they do the things they do with it. Going natural has allowed me to expand my views on what is beautiful. If you rock it "barber shop short", flowing down to your waist, natural or relaxed - I think it's all gorgeous and whatever your flavor is don't allow ANYONE to make you feel that you should conform to their view of beauty.

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!



Anonymous said...

What's wrong with locs??

CallaLily said...


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