Thursday, May 6, 2010

You asked for it. . . .

New life! I want to thank those who participated in my “layout changes” poll. You asked for more change and I hope you like what is being delivered. It turned out to be a fun project and forced me to go outside of my comfort zone. I tend to resist change when its computer related but I knew the old design was on life support, lol :-)

Along with the new design here are some of the new features:

* LinkWithin for related articles

* Created pages for quick access (Mixtress Central for recipes, Back to Basics for my hair regimen series, Bookworm for book reviews and Reaching Out for places you can contact me)

*Condensed labels in cloud format

*Read more jump to take you to the entire article

* I have also removed advertisements

Thanks for your patience through this transition. I’d love your comments/feedback on the improvements I made.

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!



Chai said...

LUV IT! Such a pretty color choice, and the related articles link is awesome;-)!

Jc said...

looks very very nice! I did not mind the ads. I actually hope to put a few on my blog but I do not like google ads cause they are quite random. I will work it out somehow.

CallaLily said...

@ Chai - thanks :-)

@ Jc - that is what got on my nerves with google ads and since i've already got so much other content i figured i'd just chuck it out!

ChocolateOrchid said...

CallaLily, this is so beautiful! I love the soft, bright colors.
Awesome job!

Anonymous said...

Love the look ! I also really enjoyed reading the infused oil section. I've just recently began infusing my oils, blacksoap shampoo& AVC and you really offer great tips. Thank you for providing all of the beautiful natural's a place that offers, great tips, ideas & vision. Take care.


CallaLily said...

Thanks CO and zainab1. Now I feel silly for waiting so long (I was intimidated).

Loo said...

I'm sooo lovin' the new layout. You put a lot of work into it, and it paid off. Very lovely!

CallaLily said...

Thanks Loo! :-)

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