Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rockin' Locs

I am excited to feature my young man in today’s post. My son has been wanting to wear locs for months now. This weekend marks the beginning of his journey with the assistance of. . . yours truly. I was hesitant to take on this project since I have ZERO experience at starter locs but we both are pleased with the results (although my parting method wasn't perfect). I’ve posted pics below.

In my quest to get more knowledge on the topic of locs, I turned to 2 books ((Thank God I’m Natural by Chris-Tia Donaldson (chapter 9 is dedicated to locs) and Nice Dreads by Lonnice Brittenum Bonner)) as well as several internet resources (such as Youtube, blogs, and websites devoted to locs – www.knattydread.com was helpful for me).

I used the comb coil method on damp hair using a gel as my holding agent. Altogether, the process took roughly 4.5 hours. As his hair grows in we will determine what method to use on the new growth. The experience of caring for his hair and scalp will be new to my son (he’s always kept a low cut) but he says he is up for the ride and I’m thrilled to offer what knowledge and skills I have to aid him in this new journey.

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!

1st pic is the top view, 2nd pic is the back view, 3rd pic is the side view


Kay said...

Please keep us updated on how your son cares for his locs and how you handle the new growth. I am curious to know how often you will have to tackle the new growth in order to maintain his style.

Askiarasheed said...

I like the starter locks on my nephew. As long as he treats em frequently they should grow to long & beautiful dreds....Shakir

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