Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Current Regimen/Goals

Ok, here is my post on my regimen and goals. I'm sure this will get tweaked along the way.

current regimen

  • shampoo 1x week
  • detangle 1x week with wide tooth comb (use fingers during the week)
  • DC 1x week with Hair Therapy Wrap
  • clarify 1x month
  • henna application 1x month
  • moisturize and seal daily
  • re-twist hair at night & put on satin scarf
  • take multivitamin and 1000 mg MSM daily


  • increase water intake
  • stay consistent with healthy eating habits
  • daily scalp messages
  • stay away from heat - due to recent experience!!!
  • do more oil treatments
  • wean from product junkie habits and simplify the products I use
  • incorporate JBCO into my regimen
  • learn to do Senegalese twists
  • experiment with styles for versatility
  • record length comparisons
  • trim quarterly
  • listen to my hair and better understand what it needs
  • have patience!

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!



Angelica said...

You got a great list! What are the Senegalese twists? It has been appx. 3 months since my last perm it is getting a little easier. I was doing a retouch every month, so this is definitely an adjustment. I want to dye my hair, do you think i should wait until all the perm is gone? Let me know what you think. Thanks, ps keep up the good work.

CallaLily said...

Hi Angelica: Thanks for the compliment. The kinky twists and Senegalese twists are pretty similar. In my opinion, the Senegalese twists have a "smoother" look.

How long do you want your transition to be? Have you colored your hair in the past? If you're not sure if you hair can take the double chemical process (dyed hair and relaxed hair) it's better to be safe than sorry. You do not want to experience breakage or damage while you are transitioning to natural hair.

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