Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Study Hall: Information overload

So now I’m adding another component to this format. When it comes to topics that interest me, I tend to have a studious approach. I research for hours to find out as much on the subject as possible. I appreciate the Internet and local libraries because the knowledge is always there waiting to be sucked up. For those of you who also appreciate that, I am devoting Wednesdays to you. Study hall is simply me sharing various tid bits of information with you that you may want to delve into deeper for yourself. Some you may have already discovered and maybe some of it new. I’ll do one weekly site or book that I’ve come across in my journey. Feel free to hit me up with any you want to share. Hope you enjoy!

Motown Girl is one of the first sites I discovered in my quest for natural hair care information. Great articles, hairstyle how to’s, inspirational stories from “MG’s Weekly Spotlight” and much more: Check it out!

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!



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