Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Water is not the ONLY way

I’m still researching my weekly Study Hall post so here is a "sub" to sit in; didn’t want to leave you hanging :-) Study Hall will be back next Wednesday.

Also look for a stimulating post tomorrow where I address a reader’s hair concerns.

I not only enjoy making hair treatments and products, but face and body treatments/products as well. While water is a fabulous liquid to utilize, you can feature others that could give it that extra oomph. With all that is available to us, there is no reason to get stuck in a rut. I persuade you to try something different – you may like the results even more!

Next time you whip up a treatment or product for your hair, face or body, try one (or a combination) of the following to replace all or part of your water.

Water alternatives:
* alcohol (vodka, brandy)
* aloe vera juice/gel
* tea/herbal infusion
* flowal water/hydrosol
* vinegar
* witch hazel
* milk (buttermilk, coconut milk, cow milk, goat milk, rice milk, soy milk - Does that cover them all?)
* yogurt
* cream
* juice (fruit or vegetable)
* honey/honeyquat/agave nectar
* molasses
* syrup
* glycerin
* oil

* tinctures (diluted)

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!



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