Sunday, November 1, 2009

Back to Basics: Hydrate/Moisturize (A Hair Regimen Series)

Moisture comes from WATER; not oils and heavy butters. It is ideal to moisturize your hair at least once daily. Some do it several times a day while others may prefer every other day. Either way, it is vital that you incorporate this step into your hair regimen.

Step 4: Hydrate/Moisturize

What: Hydration is applying a product to the hair for moisture.

When: Daily is preferred

Why: The obvious intent of hydration is to prevent the hair from becoming dry.

How: Applying water or a water-based product to the hair without total saturation. A simple spray bottle of water or other liquid concoction is fine. Also, there are various leave-in conditioners that can serve this purpose. Hair milks, lotions or creams, listing water as the first ingredient, are also excellent.

Other notes: Depending on the style your hair is in, be aware that shrinkage is possible.

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Amina said...

great post!
Last week I decided on a whimp to stop using my hair hair was not happy at all!!

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