Monday, November 2, 2009

YouTube is ssoooo awesome!

Along my hair journey I came across some great hair information and tutorials on YouTube. When I started my account, it was solely to subscribe to my favorite channels. Last week, when I did my Study Hall post on Black Owned Businesses, I was unable to copy and paste the table I had formatted. Therefore, the only reason why I went through the trouble of downloading a video to my YouTube channel was so my blog post wasn’t funky looking and EXTREMELY long, lol. I never imagined that anyone on YouTube would actually find my channel and view the only video that I downloaded. So basically, I did it for my blog readers and it is already reaching more people than I thought. I started to get responses from others. I have made a few revisions and 1 addition to my original list, then reloaded it. Hopefully, the video will gain more exposure and I will get more addition requests. I love how all of these cyber communities work in concert.

I have one other video slideshow in mind for the future but I don’t see me becoming a vlogger (video blogger) – for now my focus is just on blogging.

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!



ChocolateOrchid said...

Oh,Honey! I already peeped you out on Youtube! You work it out, girlfriend! Loves the vid and as usual the info you brought forth.


Anita Grant said...

Cheers for the mention!

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