Thursday, June 17, 2010

An interview with Thirsty Roots

When I reached out to Sharina Hill of Thirsty Roots, asking for an interview, I was SUPER excited when she accepted my request. I did this brief piece on them last week. Sharina is such a sweet woman with a luxurious head of natural hair. Please enjoy the interview!

Thank you, Sharina, for allowing me the opportunity to interview you on behalf of Thirsty Roots. Your site is loaded with tons of resources for those interested in taking better care of their hair. I had to contact you for the scoop on Thirsty Roots because I was really impressed with what you offer to the black hair care community.

CL: When was Thirsty Roots started, by whom and why?

SH: was launched in February 2010 by myself and my husband, but it developed in mid 2009 when I decided to educate myself about how to take care of my hair and style it in a healthy way. While exploring information, I realized I had to search and research heavily on the internet to find answers, and figured if I was having this issue, then maybe others were too. Therefore, I decided to create a website for all black hair types that combines hair care information, hairstyle ideas, and a place for community.

CL: What kinds of information/topics can readers expect on the site?

SH: The content matter for Thirsty Roots is based around anything that deals with black hair. We want to educate about healthy hair care, share people’s hair experiences, create an online outlet for hairstylist to present their skills, and other black hair topics.

CL: Thirsty Roots really seems to be geared toward “community”. Can you further explain the social networking (Youtube, Twitter, Ning, Facebook) aspect of Thirsty Roots and its benefit? Also, how will the forum be impacted by the upcoming changes with Ning?

SH: Social networking has opened up many things regarding information and connections. Thirsty Roots participates in and supports the use of platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter because it brings women and men of color together much quicker to discuss and learn about their Thirsty Roots. Ning supports the social networking companies, as well, so it’s a plus to our growing community.

The changes that Ning will make in July of 2010 will not affect Thirsty Roots as our current structure is prepared for growth.

CL: What is the vision for Thirsty Roots in the future?

SH: We are focusing on providing great online information for anyone who wants to get ideas about black hair, and more than anything, that’s our number one goal.

CL: What requirements does TR have before listing a salon/hairstylist/barber in the directory?

SH: There are no requirements to list your place of business or yourself in the Thirsty Roots Directory. Currently, we are working on options for a showcase listing for businesses and professionals, and featured opportunities for an affordable fee in a more detailed and organized directory. You can list you (i.e. hairstylist, barbers, photographer, etc.) or your business information for free right now and ongoing.

CL: Would you like to share anything about your personal hair story?

SH: Well, I have been wearing my hair in its natural state for 10 years now and had many issues while trying to learn how to take care of and style kinky curly textured hair. I initially got the big chop (BC) because my hair was damaged from the over processing of the relaxer. I love the freedom of not having to worry about getting a touch up every 4 to 6 weeks and the variety of style options with natural hair. Most of all, I love the experiences shared by many women on the Internet about their natural hair finds. It has and still is helping me learn how to care and style my own hair. This is why I want to create a place where we, as black people, can help one another learn about and discover our “thirsty roots”, while Bringing Out The Beauty In Black Hair.

Thanks again for taking to time to answer my questions and for creating a community where we can seek answers to the issues that we struggle with in our “hair culture”.

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!



zainab1 said...

This is fab-u-lous !!!!
And, a big congrats to you for getting that interview, so happy for you. Not, to mention you did a great job at delivering another really great natural hair community (if you will) in which we as naturals can use this site as a guide in tips and ideas for healthy hair care.

Great job ! rock ! (smiles)

CallaLily said...

Thanks for your kindness zainab1 (grinning from ear to ear)!

I really want to see her efforts expand. I think her concept is so wonderful.

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