Monday, June 14, 2010

When do you DC: before, after or both???

I’ve talked about deep conditioning before and mentioned that I do this weekly. I’ve asked for your dc products/formulations/recipes in this post (please follow the link and share your comments). Now, I’d like to discuss WHEN you deep condition. Before going natural, I didn’t know anything about applying conditioner BEFORE shampooing your hair. In the last year and a half, I’ve come across tons of info and enjoy hearing about the creative ways people care for and style their hair. So here is what I want you to dish about now:

* Do you deep condition after cleansing your hair only?

* Do you deep condition before cleansing your hair only? And if so, do you apply any conditioner afterward that you rinse out OR do you just move on to your leave-in conditioner and style?

* Do you deep condition both before cleansing your hair and afterward?

I use a deep conditioner (this is my current fave) with heat only after I shampoo my hair. That is what works for me but let me know your preference.

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!



zainab1 said...

Great topic! As for myself, I've honestly never thought about deep conditioning before shampooing...I must research this. However, deep conditioning after my shampoo is working out just great, thus far.

I find this quite interesting . I am curious to know the benefits in doing so before shampooing. I will keep you posted. Take care (smiles)

ChocolateOrchid said...

I always DC after I cleanse my hair. Sometimes I like to go all out and pre-poo or include an oil treatment and still DC. And the way this summer is treating my hair, it seems as if I'll be doing this more often.

Anonymous said...

I deep condition weekly or every week in a half when i'm in one of my lazy moods..with Giovanni smooth as silk When i do co washes i don't deep condition just use a leave in conditioner by giovanni

Nacala85 said...

I usually wash my hair Friday morning and apply no product (yes it looks a little rough throughout the day) then I apply a deep conditioner to dry hair, Friday night and leave on over night. Saturday morning I apply a rinse out conditioner.
I do it this way because I like to condition on dry hair but I prefer for my hair to be clean so there's no product between the conditioner and my strands.

CallaLily said...

Wow, thanks for all your comments ladies :-)

zainab1 - I do think its probably better to condition on clean hair but I've come to find out that many people (naturals and others) deep condition before cleansing; and maybe afterward also.

I think Nacala85 has a good regimen how she deep conditions but I would find it hard to involve that much time for my weekly washing. Kudos, you are a dedicated sister! :-)

The most I've done is an overnight oil pre-poo on Friday, then got up Saturday morning and cleansed, deep conditioned and styled my hair.

Bronze Trinity said...

I apply coconut oil to my hair, then deep conditioner overnight before I wash my hair the next morning. Then I cowash (I don't even shampoo anymore) and add a conditioner like Aussie Moist and leave that in my hair to detangle. I don't wash it out. So I always have conditioner on my hair, but when I leave it in I don't let it touch my scalp. I deep condition before because I don't have the patience to wash, get out of the shower to deep condition, then get back in again, so I just started doing this instead. I think it works great and my hair feels fantastic!

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