Monday, April 26, 2010

Nourishment - What does “deep conditioning” mean to you?

Rinse-through conditioners usually instruct you to leave product on your hair for a few minutes. While conditioners described as “deep” or “mask” instruct you to leave on longer and may suggest the use of heat. I’m curious to know what your formula is when you give your hair a “deep conditioning treatment”. Please let me know what this means to you.

* Rinse-through conditioner + a form of heat (heat therapy wrap, steamer, dryer, conditioning cap, etc)

* Rinse-through conditioner + additional ingredients (oil, honey, etc)

*Rinse-through conditioner + additional ingredients + a form of heat

*Conditioner mask only

*Conditioner mask + a form of heat

*Conditioner mask + additional ingredients

*Conditioner mask + additional ingredients + a form of heat

* Mixture of 2 or more conditioners

*Do you concoct your own deep conditioner recipe from scratch (please include)

Please share whatever it is you do to deep condition your hair.

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!



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