Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Does season change = hair change?

I guess because of the bad winter storm we experienced last month, I’m especially looking forward to the warm spring and summer days

Many focus on protecting their hair from harsh cold weather but the warmer months can be just as harsh! Venturing outdoors for activities can make your hair vulnerable to exposure from sun, wind and chlorine.

I’m interested to know what you will be doing differently during this time.

Will any of the products you use be put down until the colder months return? If so, what are you pulling back into your rotation?

What are the styles you prefer to rock?

What about head coverings? In the SUN, in the POOL or in the CAR with all windows down – do you use anything to protect your tresses?

Also, how do you care for your hair before and after swimming?
Thanks for reading. Be blessed!


Renise B said...

when I'm in the car with the windows down, I don't do anything to protect my hair. Never did with a perm either. I love the wind blowing my hair around and feeling it on my scalp. I live in VA so I don't have to worry abt chlorine since I go to the beach. The salt can be drying on the hair. I just make sure to wash with shampoo to get it all out and then deep condition with a good moisturizer.

Regina said...

I spray my hair with a water-conditioner solution in warmer months as opposed to the water-oil mixes that I use during the winter.

When it gets warm out, I may be wearing puffs and other loose styles more. I put them away completely during the winter.

I don't usually cover my hair during the summer. I use whipped shea regularly which is supposed to have sun protective elements. I'm going to be looking into sun protection. hmm.

Thanks for asking these questions.

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