Friday, March 26, 2010

Shower or Sink?

Which is best for your wash day routine? Is one really better than the other? I can see this debate go several ways. Maybe one is more convenient/easier for you. Maybe one “plays nicer” due to the flow of the water; creating less tangles.

Since I deep condition my hair frequently, I personal use both. I can not stand going in the shower a SECOND time to rinse conditioner out of my hair. I will either wash my hair under the tub or kitchen faucet, apply conditioner, detangle and dc with a towel or heat cap. After I’m ready to rinse the conditioner out, I hop in the shower. Obviously, if I’m washing my hair in the shower then I will rinse out the conditioner under the faucet after I’ve deep conditioned.

Everyone has their own preference – so which is your preference?
Thanks for reading. Be blessed!


ChocolateOrchid said...

I'm a shower diva all the way. It's just a lot more convenient for me to hop into the shower and rinse.

Sue said...

Although I am not A-A, my two little girls are Nigerian-American. We use the bath tub and a shower attachment to rinse their hair. When doing a wash and go, we will use the sink so we don't dry their skin our.

They LOVE the tub and want to stay in it longer than they need. To prevent dryness and ashiness we have found that putting oil on their skin before the second rinse helps reduce dryness.

Jc said...

I only wash my hair in the shower. I don't like the idea of bending over the sink ...... however a hairdresser type sink with someone else doing the washing would be ok (except I wouldn't go to a hair dresser lol).

Anonymous said...

someone recommended that in order to preserve your curl patter after a deep conditioner, to simply pour a bowl of water over your hair because its gentler in the rinsing process. I do this in the shower because of the spill factor, but im not at all submerged beneath water. its a good method if you dont want to get all wet!

Anonymous said...

cant stand the shower (even though I use it) because I think that all the gunk from my hair and scalp is getting all over my face and body (well it is like that i guess).

I feel gross.

nappy headed black girl said...


i use the tub. i like the heavy water pressure and i don't have to get my entire body wet

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