Friday, March 19, 2010

Protein: Love It or Leave It?

So far in my hair journey, I haven’t put a real big emphasis on protein applications. I’ve used it (infrequently) in the past and my hair seems to do fine while some don’t favor protein. I do not intentionally avoid proteins, but the majority of products I use on my hair don’t contain them. Sheer curiosity has me pondering protein now; wondering if my hair will benefit from regular treatments. So far, I’m not looking at anything heavy (like ApHogee) but maybe 1 or 2 times a month I could use a light protein conditioner and see how that goes.

These are my considerations:

Komaza Care Intense Moisture Therapy – I already have this product and I’ve used it with nice results.

Aubrey Organic GPB Conditioner – I recently purchased this but haven’t tried it yet.

Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deeper Moisture Conditioner – I’ve heard great reviews on this product.

Giovanni Smooth as Silk Xtreme Protein Hair Infusion – I’ve heard great reviews on this product also.

Giovanni Nutrafix Hair Reconstructor – I’ve heard great reviews on this product as well.

Now you dish! How does your hair do with protein? Do you use kitchen ingredients for your treatments (I would love your recipes :-)) or do you have a fave store bought conditioner?

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!



Efe said...

For my protein treatment, I use an mixture of mayo, egg and olive oil. It works really well. I do it once a month--my hair responds well to it.

I haven't tried a commercial protein conditioner though...

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