Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hair Journaling: 3 Month Progress Report

Disappointed by slow growth!

On December 30, 2009 I decided I was going to get serious about documenting my hair journey. On this day, I took measurements and pictures of my hair. I planned to check my progress every three months (March, June, September and December). It’s a bit shy of the 3 month mark but I needed to take my measurements now since I’ll be installing braids over the weekend.

In December my measurements were from 5 1/2 to 7 1/2 inches. Yesterday my measurements were from 6 to 8 inches. Why the slow progress? If hair grows from the scalp an average of half an inch every month, I should have at least 1 inch growth. I’m so frustrated! I’ve been up on moisturizing and protective styling. Although the healthy eating and exercise has been lacking, I was hopeful for more then what has been obtained.

I don’t know if genetics has the major say here or not but since I don’t plan on taking supplements again, I may try a growth oil. I already have a few in my stash (and one on order) so maybe while I am wearing braids I can use it on my scalp several times a week.

So that’s my story for now. I’ll update you in June with my 6 month progress report. Keeping my fingers crossed. . . . . . .

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!



Jc said...

Remember you are measuring what you are retaining not what you are growing.

The hair at the root may still be growing but you are simply not keeping the rest of the length.

This happens because old hair really is difficult to care for. Old super curly hair is now on the extreme level.

Extreme hair needs extreme measures like very very gentle handling, patience with knots and care during washing.

Also if you have thinning ends, you may want to chop them off. It does seem difficult but in the long run you may get longer hair because the thinning ends represent hair with much less cuticle and therefore prone to breakage.

CallaLily said...

Hey Jc: Thanks for the encouragement!

I thought I was handling my hair gently but maybe wearing it in braids for a while will help will retention.

Stay tuned. . . . . :-)

Kinky Rhonnie said...

I gave up measuring with a ruler because it was very discourageing for me but I could see progress visually. After two years, I'm a little below shoulder length, it is more growth than some, but not as much as others.

Castor oil on the scalp twice a week did seem to give good results but I never found a way to continue the process without disturbing my style. I think I'll revisit it since I do continue to use it to seal my ends.

Anonymous said...

Remember that 1/2" a month is an AVERAGE, not an absolute. Some folks grow slower, some faster.

I also agree with Jc regarding retention. Breakage can still happen even when we're doing everything right.

One more thing: You may be in a slow growth period right now. I tend to have growth spurts at different times of the year. Maybe that will be the case for you as well. Good luck!

nappy headed black girl said...

Please don't be discouraged. Everyone's hair grows differently. Just focus on health and the length will come.

I'm also a slow grower. I've found that keeping pictures or an online album helps track progress.

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