Sunday, August 30, 2009

At ease solider

At one point or another, do you remember a time where you experienced dis-ease with your hair? Do you remember why? What have you done at this cross roads?

I had such an experience recently. Last weekend, I tried a different style (pics below) and I wasn’t really feelin’ it at first. I just wasn’t used to the look on me. After the time invested in styling, I wasn’t ready to take the style down so I let it be. My husband complimented my new do but I still felt some apprehension about wearing it out in public. I needed to run some errands so I just sucked up my insecurities and rolled out. From time to time, I would think about what my hair looked like with a bit of uneasiness but I began to feel myself getting over it. “This is silly” I kept saying to myself. In my travels, I didn’t notice anyone gawking or starting at my strangely – and do you know what? – I really didn’t care!

With each passing day, I rocked my do with more and more confidence and began to love the way it looked. Now, I’m looking forward to an awesome twistout I can wear for a few days after I take the twists down :-). I am grateful that I decided against taking my style down and getting an opportunity to be liberated.

I just wanted to share with my readers the struggles that I sometimes go through on my journey. For me, I was worried about what others thought. . . What makes us put so much stock in what other people think anyway? I hope this little tale helps you realize that you’re not alone and that the way we choose to wear our hair can be one more inhibition CONQUERED!

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!



Jc said...

Yes we have all been there. Natural hair takes a while to get used to but once you do, you can only love it more

ChocolateOrchid said...

You've said a mouthful. Yes, we definitely have all been there.

Great post!

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