Sunday, August 16, 2009

Child Matters

Let’s talk. Are any of you caregivers of a child(ren) with natural hair? I have a young daughter and since becoming natural, I have learned things to help me better care for her hair. Doing her hair is not exactly a walk in the park, but I have obtained some knowledge and skills that make the task a lot easier. This is the regimen I use when I don’t have her hair in a cornrowed styled.

So Fresh and So Clean: Shampoo
Concentrating on the scalp, I use a mild shampoo for cleansing once a week. I usually do this in 4 sections.

unCONDITIONal love: Conditioner
I always follow by applying a moisturizing conditioner (with oil added) to each section.

Be tangle free with TLC: Detangle
While the conditioner is in her hair, section by section, I detangle her hair. First, I take smaller pieces and gently finger-comb. Then, for good measure, I run a wide tooth comb through to get any tangles I may have missed. Each of the 4 sections is put in a plait and the conditioner is allowed to stay in her hair (wrapped with a plastic cap and towel) for at least 30 min. I rinse the conditioner out while leaving the plaits in her hair.

Stylin’ and profilin’: Style
When it comes to styling her hair, I prefer to do a cornrowed style (which will last about 2 weeks). However, when time and/or energy do not allow for this, I have plenty of items I use for ponytail styles. I like to vary the styles and spice things up using an assortment of accessories to keep things fresh and fun. Through the week it takes minimal time to spritz and brush any frizz and change accessories. At night, I tie her hair up in a scarf or bonnet.

This has helped a tremendous deal in my battle to keep my daughter’s hair maintained and it is a lot less painful for her! Please share what you have found to be helpful when you are caring for your little one’s mane.

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!



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