Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday's Formula: Oil Treatments (and announcement)

I would like to inform you of a new spin on Friday’s Formula that I will be implementing next week. It will be a fun and interesting series. I’m calling all of you to participate so make sure you tune in next Friday for the update. I’m also going to do a significant giveaway at the end of the series. . .

It’s so nice to just go to the kitchen and get a few ingredients to make your own hair treatments. To control what goes into your products is such a fulfilling process. Hot oil treatments are beneficial in so many ways and preparing them at home is definitely more cost effective. The longer they can be left in your hair the better (preferably overnight if possible). Now, here are some recipes for hot oil treatments I obtained from various sources. Give them a try – your hair and wallet will thank you!

Honey Hot Oil Treatment
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon honey
Combine oil and honey in small plastic bag and close. Fill a mug with hot water. Place bag in water mug until oil is warmed. Apply warm oil to dry hair, working from the scalp to ends. Cover your head with a shower cap and leave for 15 minutes. Wash hair as usual.

Jojoba Hot Oil Treatment
2 teaspoons jojoba oil
1 teaspoon soybean oil
Combine ingredients then place on the stove or in the microwave to warm gently on low heat. Test temperature on inside of forearm. Massage mixture into hair thoroughly. Wrap your hair in a hot towel or cover with shower cap or plastic wrap for 15 minutes or longer for extra treatment. Shampoo & rinse out. Recipe may be doubled for very long hair.

Rosemary Hot Oil Treatment
1 bunch of fresh rosemary leaves
1/2 cup soybean oil
Clean and dry your rosemary and remove leaves from sprigs. Fill 1/4 of a small pan with water and turn heat to medium. Place a large glass bowl on top of the pan and make sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water. Combine the rosemary and oil in this bowl and stir occasionally. When the oil has been warmed, strain the rosemary leaves. Massage oil through hair and scalp. Place shower cap and towel on head and leave oil in for 15 minutes. Wash hair as usual.

Hot Oil Hair Treatment
½ c. olive oil (May reduce to ¼ c. for short hair.)
¼ t. peppermint oil
¼ t. vegetable glycerin
Heat combined ingredients briefly in a pot on the stove or in a bowl in the microwave until warm, but not hot. Standing with your head and hair hanging over the sink or tub pour the warm oil onto your hair and gently massage into scalp and all of hair. Put hair on top of head and into a shower cap. Top with the dry, hot towel. Leave on head for 30 minutes while you relax. Draw a warm bath and wash hair while in the tub. The oil treatment from your hair will moisturize your dry skin while you bathe.

Silk, Shiny Hot Oil Hair Recipe
1 tablespoon Coconut oil
1 tablespoon Almond oil
1 teaspoon Evening primrose oil
1 tablespoon Jojoba oil
5 drops Rosemary Essential oil
5 drops Chamomile Roman Essential oil
Melt coconut oil in a double broiler on low. Add other carrier oils, allow to cool then add EOs. Apply to hair, wrap hair in a towel for 30-45 minutes. Wash then dry hair.

Super Deep Hot Oil Conditioner Recipe
1 tablespoon Avocado Oil
2 tablespoons Coconut Oil
8 drops Chamomile Roman Essential oil
8 drops Myrrh Essential oil
Place oils in a small plastic bag and place the bag in a hot cup of water for 1 minute to warm. Apply to hair, wrap hair in a towel for 20 minutes. Wash then dry hair.

Hair Regrowth Hot Oil Conditioner Recipe
3 drops of essential oil of thyme
3 drops of essential oil of lavender
3 drops of essential oil of rosemary
3 drops of essential oil of cedarwood
1/8 cup of grapeseed oil
1/8 cup of jojoba oil
Apply at night, to scalp in thinning areas. Do not rinse out till morning. Shampoo as normal

Egg & Vinegar Oil Treatment
1 egg beaten (room temperature)
1 teaspoon vinegar
2 teaspoons coconut oil
Mix together and apply to hair. Cover with shower cap and towel. Leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse and shampoo.

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!


* Other recipes can be found in the "hair recipe" category to the right


ChocolateOrchid said...

Awesome hair oil recipes!!
Great info!

CallaLily said...

Thanks. I did the rosemary hair oil treatment yesterday with olive oil and some rosemary from my garden :-)

liliMarie said...

great! i've been looking for some hot oil treatment recipies. i'm going to try the honey hot oil and the super deep hot oil treatments. thanks!

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