Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Study Hall: Book Club

First off I would like to say that I am very excited about my new Amazon widget. I have tried to compile this resource to include dozens of books on adult and youth hair maintenance, methods to natural approaches, as well as stories for our little one’s to impart a sense of pride in their “hairitage”. I will make additions to this widget as I discover more books.

I finished reading a book that a lot of naturals are raving about – Curl Talk by Ouidad. This book is filled with lots of good information for ALL curly heads. One thing that I really resonated with me was a statement in the very first chapter “A curl’s best friend is awareness”. This statement itself speaks volumes! I’m sure you can tell I how much that stuck with me since this quote is the theme of my widget :-)

Summary: Finally, the "Queen of Curl" reveals the secrets of curly hair to the millions of women at loose ends with their unruly locks.

Sixty percent of American women have curly hair -- a little-known fact concealed by straighteners, relaxers, perms, irons, blow-dryers, and gallons of styling products. Now, the foremost expert in the field (celebrated by Elle and Vogue as "a curl's best friend") offers an alternative to the daily wrestling match with what's on your head.

Based on 20 years of experience around the world and in her one-of-a-kind New York City curly-only salon, author Ouidad debunks common curly hair myths and offers practical advice for taming, maintaining, and confidently reveling in your gift of naturally curly hair. From finding the right cut, choosing the best conditioning products, and styling your hair for any occasion to everyday conundrums like to shampoo or not to shampoo, and how to blow-dry without causing a frizz attack, Ouidad's advice, illustrated with photographs, drawings, and anecdotes from her experiences with curly-haired women around the globe, will revolutionize the way you approach your hair.

I recommend heading to your library to check out this book. The author of this book has her own line of hair products and also has a fabulous website if you didn’t already know.

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!


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