Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday’s Formula/Tasty Tresses: Alcohol (AND A GIVEAWAY!!!)

I’m switching gears for the next few months on my Friday’s Formula posts. When I started this piece, the focus was on the recipe – listing 1 or 2 interesting ones I came across. Now my attention is on the food or beverage. We all know that consuming the right things will give us wonderful benefits both internally and externally. Having said that, those same things we take in can be used for beneficial hair treatments. I’ve made a list of food/beverage items that can be valuable when applied to the hair so let’s get started with the first in this series. . .

What’s on the menu for your mane #1 – Alcohol

BEER: The sugar and proteins in beer are tremendous for bodifying, or volumizing, the hair, adding manageability. It may be added to your shampoo or used as final rinse.

CHAMPAGNE: Like beer, champagne is rich in sugar and protein, which help to thicken the hair and give it more bounce.

VODKA: Vodka is effective in removing buildup from the hair. It has astringent as well as oil-removing properties, making it effective in shampoos for oily hair or scalp.

Here are some alcohol hair recipes I found that use common ingredients:

Beer hair rinse (previously posted here)

Beer Shampoo
1/2 pint beer (any brand)
1 bar castile soap, grated
2 oz glycerin
1 oz hops (tea)
Combine all ingredients and pour in bottle. Use as you would any shampoo.

Champagne hair gel
1 T unflavored gelatin
1/2 C warm water
1/2 C champagne
1 T rose water
Dissolve the gelatin in the warm water and stir well. Add the champagne and rose water and stir well again. Allow to set into a gel (placing in the refrigerator will speed up the process). Remove when set, and allow mixture to reach room temperature before using. Store in an airtight container.

1/2 C vodka
2 T castor oil
Mix together the vodka and castor oil. Pour into a clean bottle; shake before using. Apply a small amount through your hair and allow to dry, for extra shine.

Now, more good stuff! I promised everyone a giveaway so here are the details.

Can you guess what next week’s hair food (or drink) will be?

If you answer this question correctly, you will be my WEEKLY winner! I will give you the opportunity to guess the next item* on my list (going in alphabetical order). The window to enter a correct answer will remain open until the following Friday. Whoever is first to get it correct will get a “guest slot” on this blog. It can be a topic of your choice (related to hair of course). When the winner is announced, you will be given time to submit the content of what you want posted on BreaKINK New Ground on your behalf.

If you answer this question correctly multiple times, you will be my GRAND PRIZE winner! This series will go through December (possibly January). If you wish to follow through the course of the contest, you could be the winner of a $50 gift card to ONE store** listed below. The person who gives the most correct answers through the Tasty Tresses series will be the gift card recipient. I will do a tie breaker if necessary.

RULES: To properly enter, you must leave your answer below the post in the comments – emails will not be considered. You do NOT have to enter a guess for every single week to be considered but you are limited to ONE entry per week. You do NOT have to have your own blog to take part. You do NOT have to be a “follower” however a follower will receive a bonus gift with the $50 gift card. If you choose to participate “anonymously”, please list your initials and city after your entry to ensure accurate tallying.

* Note: Alcohol was grouped together but most items in this series will be listed individually.

**For the $50 gift card you can select from Curlmart, Honeyfig, or Sistasplace (if you’re into buying products) or From Nature With Love, Mountain Rose Herbs, or Texas Natural Supply (if you want to get your hands on ingredients to make your own goodies).

I hope this makes sense. Leave me a comment below or email me at with any questions. Let the contest begin – good luck all!

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!


* Other recipes can be found in the "hair recipe" category to the right
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