Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Study Hall: Book Club

Unfortunately, I can’t say that I really got into this book but wanted to make interested parties aware of it. The book is separated into 3 parts; (1) your hair: chapters 1-5 (2) common hair problems: chapters 6-9 and (3) hair thinning & loss: chapters 10-15. The publication, written by a hair replacement surgeon, does contain a lot of helpful information, including some recipes/remedies you can prepare at home. Here is the 411 if you think this is up your alley.

The Hair Bible : The Ultimate Guide to Healthy, Beautiful Hair Forever by Susan Craig Scott with Karen W. Bressler
Summary: At last, medical science explains "bad hair days" -- and what you can do to avoid them! The straight-haired among us long for curls, yet those so endowed wish to tame their headstrong locks. Although you can't change what you were born with, you can make the most of the hair you have -- by knowing the physiological, chemical, and even psychological causes of the most common hair problems. Dr. Susan Craig Scott, a hair-replacement surgeon, consults with other medical authorities and beauty experts to present the ultimate companion to having vibrant, healthy hair at any age. The Hair Bible is every woman's guide to

• Best daily treatments, products, and hair care tools
• Styling without damage
• Finding your look
• Fixing styling mistakes
• Choosing wigs, extensions, and other alternatives

The Hair Bible also tackles a major concern for millions of women: hair loss. Dr. Scott explains how stress, diet, prescription medication, vitamin deficiencies, chronic illness, and other factors affect hair growth -- and, with a keen awareness of the emotional strains on women coping with thinning hair, she presents up-to-the-minute information on all treatment options:

MEDICAL AND PHARMACEUTICAL: minoxidil, cortisone, and hormone therapies NATURAL: herbal products, stress management, and fitness
NUTRITIONAL: dietary changes for improved hair
SURGICAL: implants, grafting, scalp reduction, and more

Get to the root of your hair care concerns. Turn to The Hair Bible for answers -- and make every day a great hair day!

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!


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