Sunday, September 13, 2009

Great things are in the works!

I admit it; I realized this morning I was ill-prepared for my Sunday post :-(  When deciding on a topic, I attempt to unearth as much data as possible before posting. Unfortunately, I usually learn more on the subject after the fact *sigh*.

Anyway, my head has been all over the place – digging up partial information on various interests. I’ve been gathering recipes, reading books and tapping into all sorts of resources. I’ll give you a teaser on what’s in the works for BreaKINK New Ground readers. . .

  • At week’s end, I will unveil a series that will compliment Friday’s Formula (along with a contest).
  • I’m developing a “hair regimen education series” of sorts. I would like to initiate it one upcoming Sunday. I’ve also been toying around with a few other random topics for Sunday posts.
I promise to keep the ball rolling once I have established more organization. I’m very excited for what’s in store and hope I’ve got your nose open :-)  My aim is always to assist in educating the knowledge thirsty - though I stress that I am no expert! I only divulge what I’ve come across so it might make understanding hair care easier for the next person.

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!



Laquita said...

Sounds great - I really need to get organized with my blog, and look forward to some inspiration from yours :o)

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