Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ingredient inspector

Many of us are conscious about what we are putting on our hair. We scan the ingredient labels looking for items we want included and excluded from the products we consider buying. But what about when the complete list is not being disclosed? When shopping for hair care products online or in the store, if a complete ingredient list can not be obtained will it discourage you from making a purchase? Would you possibly contact the company to inquire about the ingredients used in their products?

Let me know your thoughts please.

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!



Jc said...

No I would never buy anything without a full ingredient listing (Are you surprised? lol).

I did email a company once when I found the product label did not match what they had written on the website. Their reply was less than satisfactory.

I have found that usually if you are struggling to find out the ingredients it is because the company does not care to tell you, doesn't know or doesn't think it is important. I avoid such products in all cases.

CallaLily said...

Ha - No, I'm not surprised Jc :-)

I totally feel you. I'm kind of turned off to even contact the companies anymore b/c I've just had my inquiries totally IGNORED - and of course that ticks me off!

It ashame b/c I was looking at getting products from an online company that I've seen really good reviews about and their prices are reasonable but they don't list the ingredients. Oh well, I guess that was a sign that I don't need to buy ANY MORE hair care products, LOL!!!!

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