Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Parting is such sweet sorrow

PROBLEM: A passion for perfect parts! Am I alone in that it takes me twice as long to finish a style where parts are exposed? Sometimes it’s so frustrating; you know the style doesn’t require an enormous amount of time but because you want the parts to be “perfect” you end up spending an eternity styling hair.

My tool of choice is the end of a rat tail comb but I have yet to prefect my parting process. If there is a science to it, I haven’t discovered it yet. . .

I braid my daughter’s hair often and of course we want our children to look their best. Plus who wants to invest all that time and find mistakes after finishing? Been there, done that! This past weekend I spent more time than I would have liked doing her hair. I put cornrows in the front and box braided the rest. The only exposed parts are in the front where it is cornrowed but I still wanted nice parts for the box braids (yes, I know I need professional help, LOL).

I guess I’m just left to conclude that prefect parts come with plenty of practice :-)

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!



Katie, HappyGirlHair said...

I like rat tail combs for parting, but when I really need perfection, I turn to my pin tail comb. It makes a big difference!

CallaLily said...

Thank you Katie. I think I'll look into getting one of those. Wish me luck, lol :-)

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