Friday, April 23, 2010

Crochet Braids: The Take Down :-)

Yes, my hair is going to feel like it’s been SET FREE (insert the sounds of broken chains hitting the floor followed by harp music), lol. It’s been 5 weeks and I am taking out these crochet braids tonight! I really miss my hair and weekly washings. I’ve only been cleaning my scalp with Sea Breeze and cotton balls. It’s ironic that I was never one to care for my hair and would always keep it braided up. You think of so many styling experiments when you can’t try them (Does that only happen to me???). However, I do love the look and convenience of this protective style and will be doing it again soon.

I plan to pre-poo with a homemade avocado/mayo conditioner. Then I’ll shampoo and deep condition. Since I won’t have a whole lot of time to play in my hair this weekend I’ll set my hair with flat twists and perm rods and sport a twist out (my signature style). I’ll let you know how it goes and try to take pics.

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!



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